Nanda Sharif-pour, DIY, 2020

2020 Anxieties grow. We close our doors and lock ourselves in. We turn to virtual communities to maintain our human contact.

Some of us cook and bake, some others clean and organize, some make things and try to stay productive.

Some just continue being until further notice.

We turn to things that sooth us and hide ourselves behind them.

We take shelter and wait. ________________________________________________________________________________

Nanda Sharif-pour was born in 1981 in Tehran-Iran. She is a multi-disciplinary artist residing and working in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sharif-pour holds a B.A. in Graphic Design and two M.F.A. degrees, one from Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran/Iran (2006), and the other from University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2019).

Since 1999, she has participated in over 45 group and solo exhibitions in United States, Turkey and Iran. Sharif-pour and her husband, Ali Fathollahi, moved to United States in 2012 as refugees. Since then, they have participated in numerous public and private art projects in Southern Nevada.

Much of Sharif-pour’s previous works involved traditional mediums exploring both psychological states and sociological roles.
During the past couple of years of Sharif-pour’s art practice, she has been expanding her themes across different mediums, such as installation, sculpture, and video-installation. Nature itself and the relationship between modern human and nature is among her main subject matters. To enhance the results Sharif-pour is aiming to create through her art, she creates experiential works in which the viewers can physically engage with the piece.

Sharif-pour has 13 years of experience in teaching Art related topics. She taught at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas since 2013 to 2019.

Instagram: @nandasharifpour


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